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M Shape

In a world with various masks, we must persist. Let's connect, show our real selves, play, and make crazy stuff in this extraordinary universe.

Whether it is physical or metaphorical, everyone wears some type of mask. In another universe, when a wave unexpectedly crashes through the planet, the people must learn to adapt to a changed world. Communicating is harder than ever-and like us, they connect each other through screens and behind masks. Despite the turbulent conditions of their new normal, they find ways to come together. They learn to take off their metaphorical “masks” and reveal their true selves to one another. They learn that they can make whatever they want out of the world they were given. Join us on a journey into that unique, expressive reality to see how similar our worlds could be if we kept ourselves open to others.

A collaborative project, based on Comotion 2021 pitch, created by Anna Yang, Anna Vallario, Ghia Villasin, and me!

We're looking forward to developing this project further outside of CoMotion.


Style Guide

Short guidance to keep the style looks cohesive...

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